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As a nondenominational Bible believing church it is essential to continue to network and fellowship with various ministries throughout the region, the country, and the world.  Building relationships within the ministry is vital to the continued success of Holy Life Tabernacle and its mission of positively effecting the world for Jesus. 

Our pastors have personally ministered in Russia, Ireland, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Hong Kong, Canada, Philippine Islands, India, and  the Weest African Countries of Liberia and Ghana.

Another important piece of the Holy Life mission is preparing and sending out missionaries around the world to positively affect various regions for Jesus!  Missionaries whom Holy Life Tabernacle currently supports: 

World Missions.jpg

Carol & Rony Ruano
Living Water Teaching
Quetzaltenango, Gueatemala

Ron & Michelle Smith
Bulgarian Missions
Lovech, Bulgaria

Rich Apfel
Love Never Fails Ministries
Central America 

Larry & Jean Johnson
Will Go - China Missions

Marcondes Marques
Channel to Brazil
Fortaleza, Brazil

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