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Goodbye Panic, Hello Peace.God wants you to have a life of peace, with nothing broken and nothing missing.Peace of mind is a gift. The author offers simple and practical tips to help overcome panic attacks, stress, discouragement, and depression. You don’t have to live in torment and distress. There is another way.Because Jesus is the Prince of Peace, fears of cancer, sickness, financial distress, and trauma can be overcome. Physical and emotional abuse can be broken. Emotional liberty and confidence are available to all who want it. It is possible to allow peace to rule in your heart and mind. Take the journey.

Goodbye Panic, Hello Peace

By Pastor Jeanne Kaufman

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White Knuckle Faith is an inspirational story of a miracle healing from an incurable disease. This book describes a couple's faith and patience during a long-term illness, to see God's answer to prayer for their daughter. It will inspire you to believe God for your own healing or for the healing of a loved one.

White-Knuckle Faith

Trusting God in Times of Crisis

By Pastors Dave and Jeanne Kaufman

Pastor Dave and Jeanne Kaufman have pastored Holy Life Tabernacle, an interdenominational charismatic church in Brookings, South Dakota, since 1981. They have a "Barnabas" ministry of encouragement that has brought the refreshing of the Holy Spirit to pastors and congregations around the world. They have served in full-time ministry for over 41 years. Their faithfulness and integrity in minstry have been recognized by Governor Mike Rounds of South Dakota and President George W. Bush. Pastor Dave and Jeanne are living examples that show through faith and patience, you can inherit the promises of God. They have been married for over 44 years.

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