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Meet our staff

David Kaufman

Senior Pastor


Pastor Dave is a 1975 graduate of South Dakota State University.  He had planned to be a medical doctor, but after his conversion in a night club in 1974, God called him to pastor.  He received his ministerial degree from Berean School of the Bible (Assembly of God) in 1980.

Pastor Dave and Jeanne have been married for more than 46 years.  They have two married adult children, Angela & Ryan, and five grandchildren.  Pastor Dave and Jeanne stepped out in faith to start the Holy Life Tabernacle in 1981. He is the pioneer and visionary for the church ministry. 

With his apostolic anointing, he followed God's leading in 1995 to host Pastors Conferences for the Upper Midwest. Since that time, a network of 200 ministries has been established. In addition to pastor's conferences, Pastor Dave has made numerous ministry trips to build up the Body of Christ across the United States, Canada, Philippine Islands, Hong Kong, Brazil, Guatemala, India, and the West African countries of Liberia and Ghana. Pastor Dave has a "Barnabas ministry of encouragement" that brings the refreshing of the Holy Spirit to pastors and congregations around the world.

His ministry has been publicly recognized by the Governor of South Dakota, Mike Rounds, in 2003, and the President of the United States, George W. Bush, in 2004. Pastor Dave preaches with boldness and clarity from the bible. He has an anointed healing ministry and he will share a refreshing Word that will bring faith, hope, and victory for all people!

Pastors Dave and Jeanne now have the longest continuous pastoral ministry with over 41 years at the same church in the history of the Brookings, South Dakota region.


Associate Pastor, College,

Music, & Women's Ministry


Jeanne is the wife of Pastor Dave. They have been married for more than 46 years.  After her conversion in 1971, she ministered in Mexico and Europe as well as delivered Bibles to the "underground" churches in Russia in 1974.  She attended South Dakota State University with her area of study focusing in "Child Development".

Jeanne has a "Barnabus" ministry, encouragement that has brought the refreshing of the Holy Spirit to pastors and congregations around the world. Jeanne has made numerous ministry trips to build up the Body of Christ across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Ireland, Guatemala, India, and the West African countries of Liberia, and Ghana.

Pastor Jeanne is one of our key worship leaders at Holy Life Tabernacle.  She teaches with her husband and also is a requested speaker for women's retreats and conferences.  Jeanne encourages many pastors' wives, teaches a weekly Thursday Noon Ladies Bible Study at the church, and leads the Women’s Ministry. In addition, she coordinates our Annual Women Alive Conference in October that ministers to over 200 women.

Pastor Jeanne leads our college ministry called “Fire Starters” for South Dakota State University students. This dynamic ministry meets each Monday evening with fellowship, worship, teaching, and prayer.


Associate Pastor, Counselor,

Outreach & Follow-up


Pastor Randyn graduated from South Dakota State University in 2010 with a degree in Business/Economics. He worked at Daktronics for nearly 10 years and became a supervisor in the company. Randyn knew back in 2008 that God had called him to the full-time ministry in the office of a Pastor. He has been a member of Holy Life Tabernacle since 2006. In March 2019, he joined the pastoral staff on a full-time basis. He took pastoral ministry classes through the Berean School of the Bible at Global University.


Pastor Randyn loves Jesus, has a heart for people, and is rooted in a firm foundation in the Bible. He counsels people, preaches on a regular basis, leads our Fresh Fire youth on Sunday morning, and coordinates our outreach and follow-up ministries.


Pastor Randyn and Angeline have been married for over 7 years. They have four children: Alora, Ariana, Mason, and Ryan.

Associate Pastor, Counselor, Outreach and Follow up ministry


Office Secretary,

Children's Ministry


Angeline is the wife of Pastor Randyn. In 2013, she made Jesus Christ her Lord and Savior. She worked in the healthcare field for many years and returned to school to complete her Bachelor's degree in Human Resources. She graduated in August of 2018. Angeline has assisted in the church office since August of 2017 and stepped into the full-time role of church office secretary in March 2019.


Angeline has worked with a wide age group of people throughout her life and has a desire to lead the children's ministry as superintendent. She is passionate about the children and can provide insight, training, and leadership for those involved in the children's ministry.

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